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- By Selvi Jothikumar

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Mrs. Selvi Jothikumar, an outstanding live inspiration shares her success story with us. Born in an orthodox family in Madurai, Mrs. Selvi was married at a very young age. She did her BSc Home Science at Madurai. Her husband Mr.P.Jothikumar was in a transferrable job, as a bank officer. That made her to get more knowledge about the places and the people of each place in the South (Tamil Nadu and Kerala). Finally he was transferred to their destiny land, the place that built up all her astonishing capabilities, that had made a complete transformation from a humble homemaker to a strong entrepreneur, ‘The Chennai’.

She was introduced to Tupperware through one of her neighbors in a home party. She participated the party and bought a lunch set for her husband. The product spoke more of its quality and she wanted to know more which took her to the world of Tupperware. Being an optimal family product and exclusively promoted by women, she decided to take the opportunity. Having no work experience, and in a complete new land, knowing no people, she started the business with only one companion, that’s her ‘SELF CONFIDENCE’.

She decided to change many homemakers’ lives and successfully did so. She had a great passion towards Tupperware and so she worked towards achieving recognitions in Tupperware. Joined as a consultant in 1998 August she built people to build her. She did not turn back from then. She was climbing on the success ladder from a consultant to a manager in 1998 Dec. She changed the lives of many women and they were her very strong pillars. She took up the Area Sales Manager program for Ashok Nagar belt with the help of her strong leaders in May 2000 and had successfully achieved her goal for the outstanding opportunity, Tupperware Distributorship in Aug 2000.

The lady who was afraid to cross roads and take elevators alone once, have been completely transformed to a vivacious competitive entrepreneur now. She is running her Distributorship, Hyalite Party Sales at Ashok Nagar. She holds first position in India in changing lives from 2006 onwards through her key mantra of building people and sharing the opportunity. She was the first distributor from India who took India’s flag to the Tupperware’s worldwide challenge, Chairman’s Summit held at Hong Kong. With the help of Tupperware’s business structure and their guidance, she was able to promote 100 plus managers for the first time in Tupperware India’s history. And she was the one who has promoted 200 plus as well as 300 plus managers and had made a record in Tupperware India’s history. She has developed and promoted three Distributors in Pondicherry, Thirunelveli and Nanganallur (Chennai). She has achieved Tupperware Company’s overseas trip challenges continuously from the year 2001. She has built ten strong Executive Managers in different areas of Chennai as well as its suburbs. Many women of Hylite Party Sales are supporting their family financially to a great extent. By sharing the Tupperware business opportunity, she has made Tupperware lady consultants and managers to buy homes, cars, manage their children’s education and also to achieve domestic and overseas trips. She has more number of candidates on her pace to promote as future leaders. She has made women to realize their dreams and make their dreams come true through Tupperware’s dream discovery Sessions.

Her indomitable spirit and her ardent love for Tupperware keeps her and her team to fly their flags high in Tupperware records. We say that her success is because of her sharing of knowledge and creating independent strong leaders. She has been a mentor and role model to her co distributors in India. She thanks Tupperware India for giving this excellent opportunity, which has made her the ideal distributor of Tupperware.

The key mantra behind: If she can you can.

Neeharika Katikaneni

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Vidya Bawane

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